Abstract Wallpapers Pack for all Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Other 240×320 Screen Resolution Devices

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Assalam Alaikum friends,

We are publishing themes for all Nokia series 40 devices since 2010, now we have decided to also publish different wallpapers Packs by using those wallpapers which themes have been published. Today I have chosen Abstract Category wallpapers and I have published 10 different wallpapers with Download Links at the bottom. This is Abstract Wallpapers Pack for all 240×320 screen resolution devices. If you want to download all wallpapers with a single click then download .zip format. I have already designed themes by using these wallpapers for Nokia 240×320 and Nokia touch & type devices, if you want to download themes then simply copy the wallpaper name and paste it on Search box. I hope you all will enjoy this theme.

Abstract Circuit Wallpaper:


Abstract-Circuit-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 16528 times
Downloaded: 16528 times

File size = 7 kb
Format = .jpg

Abstract Flower Wallpaper:

Abstract-Flower-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 11180 times
Downloaded: 11180 times

File size = 14 kb
Format = .jpg

Abstract Mars Wallpaper:

Abstract-Mars-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 6054 times
Downloaded: 6054 times

File size = 5 kb
Format = .jpg

Bluish Wallpaper:

Bluish-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 15293 times
Downloaded: 15293 times

File size = 3 kb
Format = .jpg

Brown Harmony Wallpaper:

Brown-Harmony-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 2395 times
Downloaded: 2395 times

File size = 5 kb
Format = .jpg

Carpet Abstract Wallpaper:

Carpet-Abstract-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 4889 times
Downloaded: 4889 times

File size = 12 kb
Format = .jpg

Dark Close Wallpaper:

Dark-Close-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 1364 times
Downloaded: 1364 times

File size = 5 kb
Format = .jpg

Digital City Wallpaper:

Digital-City-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 997 times
Downloaded: 997 times

File size = 13 kb
Format = .jpg

Nexus Blocks Wallpaper:

Nexus-Blocks-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 4812 times
Downloaded: 4812 times

File size = 5 kb
Format = .jpg

Spotflux Wallpaper:

Spotflux-240x320-Wallpaper Downloaded 16930 times
Downloaded: 16930 times

File size = 5 kb
Format = .jpg

All 10 Wallpapers:
Abstract-240x320-Wallpaper-Pack Downloaded 1000 times
Downloaded: 1000 times

File size = 79 kb
Format = .zip

How to Download Wallpapers:

1. Right click on the Download button and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”
2. Save the .jpg file anywhere on your computer
3. Attach your phone with your computer
4. Transfer the .jpg file to your phone by using ‘File Transfer’ option

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Hasan Baloch is a student of Software Engineering. A creative designer and ground-breaking theme maker. If you want to know more about Hasan, follow him on Twitter

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Harsh Thakur

Very nice wallpapers


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