YouTube App no longer be supported on older Apple TV, iOS devices after ‘April’

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In recent update of ‘YouTube’ they have announced some displeasing news regarding their app change data API that will cause its app unavailable or no longer supported after ‘April’ for some older devices such as the second generation Apple TV, and a range of other smart TVs and gaming consoles as well.

The iPhone, iPod and iPad running on iOS 7 or later can easily access YouTube app on their following devices with an update, but iOS device owners with earlier versions will no longer be able to use the app. However, as a workaround, device owners with earlier versions of iOS earlier than iOS 7 can use mobile YouTube in browser ‘Safari’ to watch videos.

YouTube is still in process of making its following changes so the app might still be functional for the time being but not for too long.

As for the Google TV, YouTube app will stop working on devices running with versions 1 or 2 as well as older smart TVs and Blu-Ray players

Support for the app will be dropped as of the end of April, Google says that it will begin shutting down older versions starting yesterday, April 20. However if you are still hanging onto a Google TV device, the versions 3 and 4 will be able to update to a new version of the app and otherwise remain unaffected. If you’re using Apple TV 3rd generation, you can get the latest version of the YouTube app by updating your software.

In a certain blog post, Google has also stated that the old Data API v2 is being deprecated in favor in a newer v3 version, which will be offering better support for comments, captions and push notifications.

Games consoles ‘without support for Adobe Flash or HTML5’ are also affected and some numerous Smart TVs and sic players that never get updated. However this is what you can do if u are affected, first of all update your device to the newest software that’s available, and hopefully that will be enough. If not then you may be able to continue using YouTube through the device’s browser as long as it supports HTML5. On iOS devices you’ll also be able to stream content via AirPlay. The devices which don’t get replaced often and are also likely never updated and for them there’s nothing could be done.

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