You can now send a note or set an alarm from Google desktop search

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‘Google’ has released a new feature allowing users to send directions on their Android phone from a desktop search on their computer with a lot of other new options as well. Google’s taking small steps to more intimately connect your Android phone and desktop computer. Users can now set an alarm on their Android device as well as send notes and directions to it, all from a simple Google desktop search. Other than notes, directions and alarms you can also send reminders or instantly find the location of your phone directly from the Google search bar on your desktop

If your Android device is up to date and has the right settings enabled (settings), you can simply type “send a note to my phone” or “send directions to my phone” directly into the search bar, doing so will open up a little Google Now style card that will let you type in your note or specify the directions that you’re looking for, and when your data is sent, you will receive a notification on your phone with the note or directions.

Setting an alarm is quite easy as well, simply type “set an alarm”. As soon as you enter the command it will bring you to the next screen where you enter the information. For alarms you will see large numbers with the time, and all you have to do is set the time you want an alarm, then click ‘set alarm on phone’. It takes a few seconds to process, then you will see that it has completed and your phone will now have a new alarm set.


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