You can now pre-register apps on ‘Google Play’

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Yet another small step taken by ‘Google’ in improving it services. Google has introduced a new feature in ‘Google Play’ allowing users to pre-register themselves for a future app. You don’t have to bother putting a reminder for an app you are waiting for or forget about by the time when it’s released, that problem is now solved.


It is simple yet very innovative. You just need to search for the app which you know will be available in near future then click on ‘pre-register’ button to get a notification when it’s available. The new ‘Terminator Genisys: Revolution‘ game is probably first title to utilize the new feature.


It is much more like a notification system, pre-registration doesn’t mean that you are obliged to buy or even download the app. Although ‘Google’ is not very much official about this matter at the moment. With no release date for ‘Terminator Genisys: Revolution’ and no indication of when the feature will be rolled out elsewhere, it’s just a waiting game for now and a perfect fit for this feature.

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