WordPress for Mobile: Windows Phone

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WordPress is currently the best open source content management system (CMS) which is completely customizable and can be used as blogs, forums, portals, community websites or anything that suits you. WordPress is light, extensible and as they say, it is only limited by your imagination.

Recently, we wrote about WordPress for iOS and this time we unfold our recommendations for Windows Phone.


  1. You can easily schedule the posts.
  2. 2. Multiple comments selection for bulk moderation.
  3. 3. Infinite scrolling is there to show you posts, pages and comments.


  1. Lack of live tiles.
  2. Can’t change the slug of the post/page.
  3. Sends an error during approval of comment and approves that.
  4. No AutoComplete option available of previously used tags or keywords.
  5. Administrator can’t publish/assign a post with any other author’s name.
  6. It is limited to only one account per phone.


  1. A background agent should be there to handle periodic tasks like arrival of comments, new posts indications and much more.
  2. Live Tile support to keep users up to date.
  3. Multiple users support on same and different websites.

Download WordPress for Windows Phone

Arafat Tehsin is a software developer and technology enthusiast. Currently digging everything about user experience, loves Windows Phone and the relevant upcoming platforms,

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