WordPress for Mobile: iOS

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WordPress is currently the best open source content management system (CMS) which is completely customizable and can be used as blogs, forums, portals, community websites or anything that suits you. WordPress is light, extensible and as they say, it is only limited by your imagination.

Content sharing has gone mobile and a large amount of people are interested in reading, learning and doing research over the Internet. Therefore, individuals, startups or other organizations have been using WordPress frequently to update their readers about the happenings over the globe.

WordPress has been released for almost several mobile platforms like iOS, Windows Phone and Android etcetera. We’re going to review each of them in terms of their user experiences and what lack of ease we face during posting, approvals and much more.

WordPress for iOS


  1. Writing a post is as simple as you’re writing an email and as fast as you’re typing on your PC.
  2. You can add same websites with multiple users on a single device.
  3. Comment moderation is very sophisticated with the new swipe feature.
  4. Images from your device will be carrying geo-location data in posts.


  1. Takes much time to load even after the update.
  2. Lack of Visual Post Editor. Currently, user can only edit the post in HTML Editor.
  3. No AutoComplete option available of previously used tags or keywords.
  4. Administrator can’t publish/assign a post with any other author’s name.


  1. Swipe option to moderate comments needs to have Approve and Reply button along with other existing ones.
  2. There should be a mobile administrative panel (of course nothing should be like the desktop version) for appearance, plugins and native WordPress settings.

Arafat Tehsin is a software developer and technology enthusiast. Currently digging everything about user experience, loves Windows Phone and the relevant upcoming platforms,

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Pusparaj bissoyi

Kd player


Plese add java apps




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