Windows Phone 8 Marketplace Analysis

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For many of us it may come as a surprise that Windows Phone Marketplace was covering only 63 countries so far. Microsoft welcomes many of its potential users by expanding its domain now to around 180 countries for newly launched Windows Phone 8 OS. What it means for the newly added countries is that the consumers there would now be able to download the apps of their choice in their own native marketplace.

This would sure be a milestone feather in the cap of the Windows Phone platform. The inclusion of millions of more developers from varying backgrounds would not only enrich the Windows platform itself but would also open the doors of healthy earning by making money from the apps that they would produce. Starting locally these apps could gain global recognition profiting the global marketplace as well.

Not only would the sales of the apps themselves be source of revenue, but the merchandise being sold via them and the advertisements featured within the apps would be potential profit making centers too. Developers would be submitting their apps via App Hubs with Microsoft giving them the leverage of choosing their cost, their place of sales, their preferable content etcetera developers are sure to turn into creating apps for the Windows Phone environment.

Check out the list of the 180 countries that has been released by Microsoft. It is not long before we would see rising numbers of developers facilitating users with their apps and users marrying with their benefits.

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