Windows Phone 8 Shares Core with Windows 8

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Just as exciting as it sounds, Windows Phone 8 has unveiled its collaboration with the Windows 8 OS. “The biggest thing today is that Windows Phone 8 has a shared common core with Windows 8,” said Windows Phone Manager Joe Bilfiore. To me it’s now easy to remember as it is “8” overall. Be it an OS for computer systems or smart phones … Microsoft has made the lives of users and developers a lot easier with this launch of the latest version of Windows Phone 8 operating system.

The fun with your 8 is here to stay extending your convenience to your tablets and other computing systems. The same apps and interfaces that you have always wanted to be integrated with your computer having same interfaces have been bought to reality by Microsoft.

If you are a Windows 7 user for your PC then shifting on Windows 8 is sure to brighten your day! What could be a better fall gift to its trusted users than a platform that shares its Windows Phone 8 code with the Windows 8 OS Platform and promising a bad full of the following goodies:

  • Improved speed with extended support for multi-core processors,
  • HD is the name! Win 8 offering newer high definition resolutions.
  • Upto 32 resizable tiled start up screen.
  • Driving guidelines from Nokia Navteq map technology.
  • Integrated IE10 proposing faster browsing and downloads than other competitive smartphone counterparts.

Your love for Google Wallet would just get the shoulder it needs. Microsoft’s proposed mobile wallet is secure, with Verizon Wireless’s secure shield at its back.

Microsoft proudly welcomes Android and other smartphone coders enabling them to code in C/C++. App and game developers would now be more than satisfied for having the freedom and the versatility to code their trusted and famous apps and games for Windows.

With the Windows Phone Summit still on the go Microsoft is still to unleash much more from its goody bag. See you soon with further updates! Happy techying!

Twaha Ahmed Minai is associated with computer science and software development industry since early 90s. His area of specialization is development and algorithms. On his credit he has several computer based tutorials designed for different walks of life including defence sector. He has been teaching software development and algorithm analysis at undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 12 years. He has been actively involved in computer science based research which includes Bio-informatics, Physiognomy and forecasting. He is an inquisitive follower of the ongoing developments in computing era.

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