Windows Media Center is officially dead

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Technology titan ‘Microsoft’ has recently announced that ‘Windows Media Center’ will no longer be available for future Windows. Back in 2009 ‘Microsoft’ stopped working on ‘Windows Media Center’, there was no development after it, but the company still shipped an unmodified version in an upgrade pack for Windows 8. It is confirmed that ‘Microsoft’ is planning to remove ‘Windows Media Center’ completely from Windows 10, meaning any PCs upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will lose the feature. It’s left out for Xbox One as well.

Microsoft first introduced ‘Windows Media Center’ in 2001 as a separate Windows XP version. It was designed to run full-screen as a media player, and support television channels from TV tuners. A number of PC makers created dedicated Media Center PCs for use in the living room, but it never really made it mainstream enough for Microsoft to continue developing it fully. Windows Media Center was characterized by its use of a green button to access the main interface from a remote control.

Well it is not a huge surprise, some will still be disappointed by the news. Microsoft is doing some really amazing things with Windows 10, but Windows Media Center will not be one of them.

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