Windows 10 preview for Xbox One coming ‘post-summer’

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Today people are experiencing preview for ‘Windows 10’ on PC’s and phones without any hassle, but however the gaming fans are eager to know about its availability for ‘Xbox One’. Today is a lucky day for them but not entirely, according to ‘Xbox’ chief Phil Spencer, the answer is “post-summer.” Spencer gave the time-frame in response to an inquiry on Twitter. While it’s still a bit vague, i at least know that we’re still several months away from a Windows 10 preview build landing for ‘Xbox One’ owners.


Although there’s still plenty of time and we don’t really have much to rely on right now but there’s a possibility that we may get more information on Microsoft’s plans for ‘Windows 10’ preview on ‘Xbox One’ in upcoming Microsoft’s E3 Conference which will be on coming June 16 and runs through June 18.

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