WhatsApp ‘VoiceCall’ feature now available for iOS

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In recent events, the insanely popular chatting service ‘WhatsApp’ unveiled ‘Voice Call’ feature for android which allows users to make voice calls instantly to their recipients through the app via internet connection. In past ‘Brian Acton’ the ‘WhatsApp’ co-founder stated that this feature will eventually make its way to iOS in few weeks, and now that certain moment has arrived for Apple devices.

On iTunes, WhatsApp wrote — in official app update release language — that calls made through the service will “Use your phone’s Internet connection rather than your cellular plan’s voice minutes.” That’s clear that users may incur data charges, but won’t have to bother burning their carrier minutes.

The ‘VoiceCall’ service is essentially useful as it allows users to voice chat with friends, family and any other users from anywhere around the world via internet connection. Previous year ‘WhatsApp’ tested and improved the feature, refined it before letting it available on Android. Hence this feature is not available to all the Apple device users at once, ‘WhatsApp’ has stated that “it will move out slowly over the next few weeks.You can update your ‘WhatsApp’ right now but you should be patient for ‘WhatsApp’ to turn on voice calls for your account.

‘WhatsApp’ service is currently occupied by 800 million monthly active users. ‘WhatsApp’ is no longer just a chat-messaging instrument, the app is now more useful and going big day by day as iOS latest update includes primarily support for the iOS 8 share system which allows you to send videos, photos and links to WhatsApp chats from other apps. The update also featured a quick camera button in chat from which users can capture photos and videos while being in a chat or can quickly choose a recent camera roll photo or video and they can also send multiple videos at once and crop and rotate videos before sending them.

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