Turn your Android phone camera into a live puzzle game

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The classic sliding puzzle game hasn’t changed much, if at all, over the years. Dating all the way back to 1880 with the first sliding puzzle game dubbed the Fifteen puzzle, its only ‘advancement’ has seemingly been making its way onto the computer screen with a convenient reset button. The core mechanic of the game has stayed the same throughout the years, being able to slide tiles along certain routes to end up with a final configuration–perhaps a picture, or a shape, or a pattern.

How about turning your camera into a puzzle and solving these puzzles on the go! Live Puzzle provides an unbeatable puzzle solving experience for puzzle lovers of all ages. Live Puzzle turns what your camera sees into a puzzle.

As said before, the main mechanic of the game stays the same, but instead of a picture or shape, you have to put back together what your camera sees, thus, creating an additional challenge of having tiles constantly moving.

There are five puzzle sizes, ranging from 2×2 to 6×6, but it’s recommended that you play modes bigger than 3×3 on a larger screen, such as on a tablet.

Live Puzzle introduces a unique design for the most challenging puzzle experience yet. It’s the puzzle solving joy we all know and love!

– Intelligently designed: Camera into Puzzle
– Beautifully easy: Natural interface that is simple and easy to use
– Increasing difficulty: Puzzles bigger than 3×3 are only advised for larger screens like tablets!
– Puzzle mode: Guiding numbers on each puzzle tile
– Challenge your friends: Share the game on Facebook , twitter , WhatApp and google+ .

Download Live Puzzle from Google Play


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