The Rockstar Editor for ‘GTA V’ is coming on consoles after all

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‘Rockstar Games’ has recently announced that its most eponymous video editing tool-set of ‘GTA V’ is now coming to ‘Playstation 4’ and ‘Xbox One’. Given the extra horsepower it requires, the Rockstar Editor won’t surface on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but the team hopes to release it for new-gen systems this summer or “as soon as it is ready.” So, maybe don’t hold your breath for too long, but you never know.



The video editor suite sounds like it could be pretty intriguing. Rockstar video editor allow players to record, edit and share videos in ‘GTA V’ and ‘GTA Online’. Record gameplay footage while on or off mission with a simple press of a button or after an epic stunt use the action replay feature to capture last golden moments of your gameplay. Using the project timeline you can add, arrange, trim and string together multiple clips. Players can even add text, or their favorite radio tracks to make more or less whatever you can dream about. There are plenty of camera mods, camera filters, audio mix adjustments and more for you to play with. In director mode you can stage your own scene and create custom cinematic moments. When finished with a project export your videos to your video gallery, upload it to ‘Youtube’ and the ‘Rockstar Game Social Club’ to share it among friends.


But since you are unable to install mods on console versions it means you’ll almost positively miss out on making clips of blue whales plummeting from the skies of Los Santos. You know, like the one below.

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