The journey of 1000 mobile themes and counting

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“We should launch a proper platform for the people who love free themes but it should be simple and beautiful.” These were the words that Zayed Baloch said to me when he decided to launch ThemeReflex in May 2010. Initially my themes were not good and according to the rules I (the co-founder of the company) was unable to join it.

My elder brother Zayed Baloch helped me in this situation, I took some classes from him to improve my design and be eligible to join the company. I learned each and every thing to be a good theme designer and it was not easy to handle for me with my studies. It took me seven months to be a part of this company.

It was January 27, 2011 when I published my first theme but it was not as good as supposed to be. Every day I tried to improve my work and still I am trying. As days passed I keep improving my work and I didn’t do it alone, you people helped me. I supposed myself lucky because I got some great audiences.

Noki C3 / X2-01 theme

Initially I designed themes only for Nokia C3 and X2-01 phones and then people requested themes for Nokia Asha devices. That was the day when I decided to design themes with MPS, without MPS and static for Nokia new version devices. I keep on moving and then started designing Special themes for special occasions and Schedule themes for Sport seasons.

After 2 months of publishing my first theme I started designing themes for Nokia 128×160 phones. The journey kept moving and the days came when I published themes for Nokia 240×320, Nokia Touch & Type, Nokia full touch and Android devices. My brother Zayed Baloch (founder of ThemeReflex) supported me during every phase of my life. He taught me how to design live themes and Flash Lite themes.

May be you are wondering why I am writing this today, so the reason is today I have completed my 1000th theme. At the beginning I never thought that I will complete 1000 themes but with the help of Allah the Almighty and you people today I am celebrating this day. It has been more than 4 years that I am the part of this great company. I always designed free themes for you people and Insha’Allah will keep this trend in future too. Now my mission is to design more 1000 free themes and for this I need your support.

I am very thankful to Allah that He helped me to be a good theme designer and also a good person. Thank you all for your love and support and making it possible for me. It is just the beginning of the journey.

Thank you 🙂

Hasan Baloch is a student of Software Engineering. A creative designer and ground-breaking theme maker. If you want to know more about Hasan, follow him on Twitter

2 thoughts on “The journey of 1000 mobile themes and counting


Your themes have improved from your previous work, i remember your old themes didn’t even change the scrollbar. I discovered themereflex in 2013 and still support it. Its unfortunate that nokia stopped making s40 but i love s40 will keep using it. Thank you for the free themes Mr Zayed & Mr Hassan.


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