‘Supergirl’ and ‘Limitless’ TV shows first trailers are here

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Various new TV shows are coming and channels are introducing by a fresh new trailer which means we are getting our first looks at slew of new shows. Today it’s time for ‘CBS’ to make a splash, and they have introduced the first official trailer for ‘Supergirl’ which is a bit girly just like ‘CBS’ other superhero shows targeting typical teenage audience. ‘CBS’ also released trailer for it’s another upcoming TV series ‘Limitless’.


‘Supergirl’ trailer doesn’t look bad though, Calista Flockhart’s character goes on an extended speech about how the name “Supergirl” — instead of “Superwoman” — shouldn’t be taken as a pejorative. Melissa Benoist will be the playing as Kara Danvers (Supergirl). It looks more like an action-packed teenage drama pretty much similar to ‘Flash and ‘Arrow’ but one can always hope ‘CBS’ superheroes shows to be better. But if u are big fan of ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ you are definitely going to find this show excellent. CW-style romantic comedy tone the show appears to be taking.

‘Limitless’ seem a bit better, only because it leans heavily on the appearance of Bradley Cooper, who will be appearing in the show. Other well-regarded actors like Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (The Abyss) also elevate the concept, which still comes down to a guy taking a pill that makes him super smart and a really good fighter. Of course, all of these various clips could play differently in context, so it’s important to give the shows a shot when they finally hit the air later this year.

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