Spotify now features videos and podcasts

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Streaming music giant ‘Spotify’ changing its tune from ‘listen up’ to ‘look here’, it will no longer remain just a music service, its expanding ventures with an announcement which took place in New York City today revealing that ‘Spotify’ will be an improved service with new tools to enhance your daily listening experience. ‘Spotify’ announced it will get into the video business. ‘Spotify’ is partnering with several content creators, including ‘Vice News’, ‘Nerdist’ and ‘Comedy Central’, to incorporate video directly into its new app design. Essentially, ‘Spotify’ wants to become your all-in-one jukebox. For everything. The new ‘Spotify’ also brings podcasts to what was previously just a music app.


Spotify’s full list of new partners includes:

  • ABC
  • Adult Swim
  • BBC
  • Comedy Central
  • E!
  • ESPN
  • Fusion
  • Maker Studios
  • MTV
  • NBC
  • RadioLab
  • Slate
  • TED
  • TWiT
  • Vice News
  • WNYC

This means that content providers can leverage audio and visuals to beam episodes and short clips to listeners on the service. Don’t expect full-length episodes, as the bulk of the content will be short videos lasting around ten minutes.


‘Spotify’ has more than 60 million regular users across 58 countries. It says about 20% pay for its premium ad-free subscription services. ‘Spotify’ is looking to offer a wealth of content that’s not just limited to piping in audio episodes. The new version will go live in the US, UK, Germany and Sweden today with a global launch on the way soon. CEO Daniel Ek said his company is taking a “massive leap forward” that “goes beyond the conventional formats.”


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