Sony announces the Xperia Z3+

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I have always wondered that ‘Sony’ has a special thing for Japan and after today’s official announcement, i believe it is quite true. It is recently reported that electronic giant ‘Sony’ new flagship mobile will be ‘Sony Xperia Z4’ for Japan but in rest of the world the very same phone will be named as ‘Sony Xperia Z3+’. Sony also stated that it will be available in June.


The improvements in Z3+ comparing to Z3 from processor to the front facing camera are quite limited and not very flashy, that explains why the company did not go with the Z4 name for this device. The battery has in fact been downgraded from the Z3’s 3100 mAh to 2930 mAh on the Z3+. Sony calls the Z3+ an evolution to the Z3 family but i don’t agree with ‘Sony’. The 5.2-inch screen still has a resolution of 1080p, the rear camera is still a 20.7-megapixel Exmor RS sensor, and the aluminum-framed body is still available in a choice of black, white, or copper. There’s a refreshed aqua green option as well, plus the phone’s thickness has been reduced from 7.3mm to 6.9mm, but those are the sort of infinitesimally small changes that merit a name like the Xperia Z3+: nice to have, but not enough to justify describing this as a whole new device. The processor has been upgraded to the newer Snapdragon 810 with integrated LTE and 64-bit Octa-core and Adreno 430 graphics, and there’s 3GB of RAM on board, however the Z3+ has a slightly smaller battery than its predecessor. It will be running on Android 5.0, the Xperia Z3+ is expected to be available globally from June, alongside the ‘Xperia Z4 Tablet’, which was announced at MWC in March.


Xperia Z3+ carries renowned waterproof design, so you can meet the day head-on – no matter what kind of day it is. The IP65/IP68 rating means downpours aren’t a problem. Nor is sand, spills or an accidental dip in the sink.

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