Solitaire is coming back to Windows 10

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It is well known that games such as ‘Minesweeper’, ‘Hearts’ and ‘Solitaire’ had a very vast following back in golden days of windows and it remained popular through the years till windows decided to dismiss them from Windows 8, well guess what? Windows has recently announced that they will be bringing back the highly addictive classic card game ‘Solitaire’ on Windows 10. It will be a built-in game just like the old times and will not require for users to search online at Windows Store to play it.

The idea of bringing back ‘Solitaire’ is very innovative such as returning of the classic start menu for Windows 10, to bring back as many features Windows users are familiar with. Hopefully Windows 10 will be having more of classic apps returning to it as they planned to ship it in summer.

The ‘Solitaire’ on Windows 10 will be a modernized version but the gameplay will be completely classic. Fans of ‘Minesweeper’ and ‘Hearts’ will still have to go through the Windows Store to get a hold of it online and install it individually. Users tired of working on Word, Excel spreadsheet or any other kind of work will be able to rewind their nostalgic memories by enjoy shuffling virtual cards.

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