Skype bug crashes the messaging app on Android, iOS and Windows

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Perhaps this is not a good time to use social messaging apps on your android or iOS device, one doesn’t need to throw away their phone in a mud or smash it with a hammer, just few characters will handle the job. It is recently reported that skype is going through a chaotic phase of texting failure pretty much similar to what iPhone went through a week ago, just another day in technical bugs fashion week.

It basically works after you receive a message on certain Microsoft-owned platform with the following characters “http://:” and that will crash the software when it is running on Windows, Android, or iOS, although Skype for Mac and the touch-optimized Skype for Windows 8.1 are reportedly unaffected.

Although skype says, “We are aware of the problem and are working to provide a resolution.” 

There’s a temporary sort of a fix found at skype forums which is not very suitable but can work for now until a proper solution for this bug to be issued by the company. One cannot delete the skype history since skype re-installs that from cloud data and after restarting the program the annoying characters will crash it all over again. In case this happens to you by accident, ask the sender to delete their message, and reinstall the older version of the Windows application. Hopefully the company will be quicker than Apple when it comes to issuing a full fix for the bug.

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