Seattle Pi comes to your Windows Phone

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It’s a fast paced world out there. In our ever changing society every has a new news for usnext minute.Windows Phone gives us all the more reason to love it even more by providing its followers with a very new Official Seattle Pi app. Microsoft has embedded the renowned news source Seattle Post Intelligencer (Popularly known as Seattle-Pi) into a brand new official app for the . Now all the Microsoft lovers who have always wanted to remain up to date with news from Washington, its vicinity and the rest of America do not need to look up and download unofficial apps for it.

Seattle Pi is a one and a half century old news giving organization that has served the masses with news and information endlessly first in print and then in online form. Now an only- web based news agency Seattle Pi is proud to have anenormous number of web subscribers. These followers would now have an additional reason to buy the already popular Windows Phone 7.5.

The Seattle Pi app for Windows Phone is enriched with an interface that provides the ability of being customized in accordance with the user’s preferences. The user gets the provision to select how many news he wants to see on the first page, which sections are listed on which page and so on. The order in which these sections are listed is also customizable. Individual sections of the online paper can be pinned to your desktop in order to access them directly from there.

embedded with the smooth scrolling and free Seattle Pi app has become an even smarter smartphone among the lot with this new addition to its list of official apps. With the feature of being able to save individual articles and also share them on the social media or via email the news app is sure to gain increased readability within no time.

Download Seattle Pi app for Windows Phone

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