Samsung Tizen changelog – List of new features

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The last major update that Samsung pushed out for the Tizen operating system (OS) was Version 2.4, which started rolling out for the Samsung Z1 back in January. We have yet to experience the firmware, it will hopefully start hitting your mobile phones soon within a few weeks as Samsung officially reveled its changelogs.

South Korean company has taken to its official Tizen Community Forum to detail a truckload of changes that it’s bundled into the much-anticipated Version upgrade that’s expected to start being pushed out next month.

SMS delivery report

Time to stop wondering whether your SMS got delivered to your friend or your boss. you can easily enable SMS delivery reports in your phone settings.

Battery Status

battery charge reminders, set customized reminders to get notifications when your phone battery reaches a certain level. Want to get reminded when the phone battery is at 30%? Don’t worry. This feature will notify you.

Outdoor Mode

This superb feature enables you to easily access the outdoor mode setting without having to even unlock your device! Since you can’t see much on your screen, you should get the option to change the display settings upfront.

Easy-to-use Memos

Now add color to your memos and personalize them to a whole new level. Express your emotions, voice your mood and code your memos with our exciting new color options.

Change Torch intensity

Don’t have enough battery to use torch on full intensity? Don’t want to wake your roommate while looking for something using your phone torch? Simply change torch intensity according to your need.

Lock Screen App shortcuts

Many of us said we do not like specific apps showing up on the lock screen, some of us don’t want any app to show up at all, while some of us want to choose our app shortcuts. Now, you can easily set what app shortcuts you would like to see or not on your lock screen. Simple. Sweet.

‘Select all’ in files manager

Now this is possible with our new addition to quickly ‘select all’ files while performing a particular action.

Custom Ringtones

Not being able to set your own custom ringtone? A very simple, upfront way to now add your own ringtone and personalize your phone to a whole new level!

SMS bubbles

Wider SMS bubbles for quick reading. Now, there is better utilization of space in bubble view.

‘Beauty face’ mode in camera

Do you feel you’re not photogenic? Or want to tweak your photo a little before putting it up on social networks? Made easy with the beauty mode option in the camera app, look great always!

Block unwanted messages

Tired of those annoying messages sent by applications/service providers? Want to block numbers you consider spam? Now do so easily right from your message view!

ACL in SD card

Simply move the ACL to your desired storage type.

Quick Memo

Note down a piece of text instantly from browser and save it in memo quickly to be checked later.

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