Revived ‘Grooveshark’ is also dead

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I remember writing 10 days ago about the revival of ‘Grooveshark’ in form of a replica, sadly that is no longer available, even that replica couldn’t survive for long, reincarnation wasn’t enough. If you are out of touch, well let me give you a quick flashback on Grooveshark’s recent demise. The original ‘Grooveshark’ closed down after heavy pressure from the record labels that owned the music it was sharing without a license. ‘Grooveshark’ apologized, and was ordered to pay a fine of $50 million.

Then after a few days, a small team unofficially revived the service. A small enthusiastic team took to keeping the Grooveshark’s legacy alive, after having allegedly backed up 90 percent of the content on the site. It didn’t take long for the labels to end their little adventure. A judge sided with the record companies, and ordered the site’s domain be seized temporarily.

The replica creator is not giving up though, the following team will continue to fight back indefinitely. This could be a long road for them. Expecting more ‘Grooveshark’ is alive and ‘Grooveshark’ is dead kind of stories to read in future.

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