Red lights live theme for Nokia C3 / X2-01

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X2-01 Live Themes

Finally I have made live theme in red color after long time. This is still same style and elements look like Dark Desire Live theme. But this is special theme for me, I have include two new information on home screen of this theme.

Red Lights Live theme for [intlink id=”182″ type=”category”]Nokia C3 & X2-01[/intlink] with as usual digital clock, calendar and weather indicators, but its very special for me; basically I have added two new elements on this theme. Last few days I m working some new elements of Flash Lite and thanks to Adobe Help they are provide some nice logic to implements something new.

I have used Blackberry style icons in this theme. Blackberry icons is very stylish and looks cool on red color. This theme have two new elements and show your mobile information on home screen. Theme showing which mobile model you are using, and what is your mobile operating system.

I realize many people not read theme information post, they are just click download link. We have write this post and include some links of our previous themes. And every time people request same theme with default Nokia icons, but when we make just default icon many people complain and request don’t make any theme with default icons. Lets see how many people request this theme with default icons.

Please send your comments and suggestions, and also share your ideas with us. And to keep updating yourself, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to the RSS feed, if you would like to be informed for the latest themes.

red-lights-c3-live-theme-by-zb Downloaded 12909 times
Downloaded: 12909 times

File size = 476 kb
Format = .nth

Right Click on the Download button and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” Option. Save the .nth file on your computer Now you can transfer this file to your mobile phone using the file transfer option available in your mobile device.

If you file download in .zip format then follow the following step to rename it with .nth
Goto > Control Panel > Folder Options > View (tab) > un-check “Hide extensions for known file types” > click OK.
When you check the downloaded theme file it showing .zip, now rename it .nth. I hope this matter is easily worked.

How to disable Nokia digital Clock?
Menu > Setting > Date & Time > Date & time formate > Time > Clock >select “Hidden”

How to disable Nokia Date?
Menu > Setting > Date & Time > Date & time formate > Date > Date in Home screen >select “Hidden”


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Zayed Baloch is a user experience designer and web developer. Interested in mobile technologies, web apps and theme making. You can catch him up at Facebook. and Twitter

14 thoughts on “Red lights live theme for Nokia C3 / X2-01

John Danvic

Hello! Just wanted to say that this theme is very nice!

Maybe I am too demanding to ask, but can you make a blue version of this theme? 🙂 I think it would best fit my Dark Blue C3. 🙂

Thank you so much, and continue to make great works!

Luke Marn

hi Zayed, i’m is fan of your theme!!! thanks to made all of this! i appreciate it… =) can i u design one c3 theme look a like widget in Windows Vista?, with they orange calendar, clock, battery arranged in left side screen ?? and use windows vista nature green with grass wallpaper… nice.. but u can ignore me if u wont.. thanks =)


Please this theme on the Nokia X2


Mr. Zayed is a genius … Can I request a live
C-3 nokia theme .. With wallpaper band
‘Slank’ origin Indonesia … With a dark
background-a background … I am a fan of
your fanatick, and I always promote your
site to my friends … I hope you make the
theme of my request: .. Please …

    Zayed Baloch

    Thank you so much for promoting our website. Yes of course dear, can you please send us pictures or wallpaper of Slank on this email Nidji the Indonesian Musical band theme is coming up next for C3 and the first wallpaper is already published on our Facebook page’s wall


Thank you for your effort. Your themes are excellent !!


Hi, i always visit this site and to get very cool theme like this one, I will add this site to my personal blog as my thank’s for you. Sorry about my english :p i cant speak english well 😀


Hello sir can you make this theme for nokia c1-01 i really like this theme..its so nice..thank you!!


Hello sir can you make this kind of theme for c1-01..thank you!!
i really like this nice!!


nice widget :D, you’re the best in flashlite ZB


You are right people just click download button. any way not me.Thanks for a simple theme.


Please make this one with Nokia default icons!! THANKS!! 🙂

    Zayed Baloch

    I m 100% know people comes and request this theme with Nokia Default Icons… 😀 okay I will try to make it default icon version as soon as possible. 🙂


      Thanks!! I prefer the default icons 😀 and thanks for share your great work!!


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