Ramadan Times Updated with New Features

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Friends! I am really sorry for the delay in update. It is not because I was lazy in updating the app, it is the Windows Phone Team who has been to . Anyway, As per our promises, Ramadan Times is now updated to version 1.5 which includes some new features and fixes;

  1. Daylight Saving Adjustment
  2. Live Tile to notify you about Iftaar and Suhoor times
  3. More Qur’anic verses, Hadiths, Quotations
  4. Zakat Calculator
  5. Location and Times Fix

Details of each feature can be found in the FAQs section in an app. Secondly, apart from the wonderful work done by my team (Zayed and Hassan Baloch), I am also thankful to one of my friends, Mohsin Ali Mirza for the colorful wallpapers which can easily be downloaded from the app.

Alhumdulillah, I managed to cope up with correct timings in European region but there are still some places where we are facing issues just because of the same reason I discussed earlier but I am still digging out the correct and proper solution and definitely will come soon with something fruitful for the friends there.

I have also been following up with your reviews about Ramadan Times on the Marketplace page and I am really thankful to everybody who has liked (or disliked with some comment) and rated the app. I have picked up a few critics and would like to comment on it as I can’t reply you guys there.

Wrong time for suhur and iftaar for my location, sorry I have to uninstall it 🙁 – 


Kann leider location nicht finden… Schade (Translate: Unfortunately can not find location … pity) – 


It is telling me wrong iftiyar time. The difference is almost half an hour. – 


mooie app maar ik krijg de instellingen niet goed. Location: Eindhoven not found Method: Moslim World League heb ik de tijden van hun site Asr Juristic: Shafaí MWL staat hij Standaard *** moet ik de juiste instelling krijgen ?? als ik de juiste instelling krijg dan is deze app meer als 5 sterren waard (Translation: nice app but I get the settings wrong. Location: Eindhoven Method not found: Muslim World League, I have the times of their site Asr Juristic: Shafaí MWL he stands Standard *** do I get the correct setting? if I get the correct setting then this app is worth more than 5 stars) – 

The above three comments were from Australia, India, Germany and Netherlands. I would like to confirm you guys that in Australia and India, app is working perfectly fine but if you are having any issues, please catch me on twitter or email and then I can investigate more about the issue.

Before I comment on Germany’s location issue, I would like to tell you something. Guys, I am currently located in Pakistan where mobile internet is not as sound as it is in the West or in Middle East or even in India. We’re still using EDGE here and even on this sort of connection, I am able to access my location, EASILY. Secondly, if a forward geocoding results in an error just in Germany or anywhere in this globe then you always have the choice to use Custom Location.

Coming towards the last comment, according to my little research so far, I haven’t been able to get anything or any calculation attributes of Eindhoven method but what I have read that even in Eindhoven, people are following Muslim World League (MWL) method but if your issue still persists even after using MWL method then give me a ping and then we can see what can be done as I told you, there are still grey areas in European region where I haven’t been able to mark a success.

There were countless good responses but the best ones I have received are from , and  (despite having not-so-good timings there).

MashaAllah! Beautifully done app. I am surprised its free. May Allah bless you efforts and may He grant you more knowledge for your futureprojects. – mdeanII (Singapore)


Loved it. Masha’Allah Great. – theTagIUse1 (USA)


Awsome interface, love it. – prvzali23 (UK)

Thanks again guys, always remember me in your prayers. 🙂

Until something new,


Arafat Tehsin is a software developer and technology enthusiast. Currently digging everything about user experience, loves Windows Phone and the relevant upcoming platforms,

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I think in going to enjoy This.

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Sir kya nokia c101 ka yuvraj singh ka theme bna sakte h


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