Nokia’s Navigation Edge for Windows Phone

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If you’re a Windows Phone fan then it’s time for you to become more proud! Nokia, the best location based service provider has join hands with the most globally reputable smartphone i.e. Windows Phone. This cooperation is intended to provide the smartphone users with the most accurate, updated and interactive location based services ever, in the upcoming Windows Phone 8!  The integration of both, the Windows Phone 8 and Nokia eco-system is ready to harvest a field full of blooming location based apps for Windows Phone 8 with the strength of the best Nokia platform working behind. The news is GOOD for both the Windows Phone users and its app developers as buying and using a smartphone without location based apps nowadays is like buying a smartphone without an audio player. Proposed Windows Phone 8 developers would now be able to dig into the Nokia navigation services and strive to achieve advanced location experiences.Location based services are the need of the day. They are a facility that provides location platform, integration and application capabilities resulting in location information enriched customer services. The Nokia map technology – the very renowned NOKIA MAP TECHNOLOGY would not be limited to the Lumia Phone anymore. Embedded with:

  • Great Global NAVTEQ Map Data
  • Offline Map Support
  • Map Control for Developers
  • Turn by Turn Directions (revealed in the latest Windows Phone Summit),

Nokia navigation market is sure to the boost and popularity that only Windows Phone 7.5 enjoyed as the most popular phone. The replacement of Bing’s navigation services with those of Nokia has been hailed by existing and proposed Windows Phone users.

Nokia Map website shot

People in over 110 countries would now be able experience a new movability experience by getting guided effortlessly into just about any location. The quality of data and richness of features promoted and provided by Nokia’s location based services would now be available for all Windows Phone 8 partners as well. Next time you opt to drive to a foreign location for your vacations after getting your Windows Phone 8 your worries of getting acquainted with the terrain and locations would all be handled by your very own loyal companion smartphone.

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