Nokia Lumia 920 shines with First Ever Wireless Charging Experience

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Nokia has introduced a concept which was not native to the smartphone users before today. The unveiling of the first ever smartphone that is not only equipped with many other attractions like the PureView camera but also has the remarkable facility of getting recharged without the need of the corded adopter. Nokia introduces the Wireless Charging Pad coming in handy with their newest Nokia Lumia 920.

Your companion of all times, your smartphone now recharges when you yourself recharge. The FatBoy recharge pillow is the name of the recharging pad since Fatboy is one of the foremost partners working with Nokia trying to improve their wireless charging experience day by day.

Lumia 920 complies with the Qi standard enabling third party recharging services to become compatible with the Nokia smartphone. Virgin Atlantic helps Nokia Lumia with their wireless recharging. The coffee bean will install plates on tables to recharge phones.

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5 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 920 shines with First Ever Wireless Charging Experience

Shanique Ahmed

I don’t like this Charging System of Nokia, I mean just look at it, its not wireless charging, its just like you’re inserting the pin of charger in your cell phone and keeping it somewhere and waiting for it to charge, Wireless charging should be like a Wireless mouse, it should be like without a wire we can use our smartphone while it is being charged!! They should try to invent a system like bluetooth… We can charge it from a couple of meters away from the socket


Awesome Concept turned into reality … Thumbs Up

Avadhesh bhunwaliya

From which software you create flash files

    Zayed Baloch

    We are using Adobe Flash for flash lite files.

Tayyab Hasan

Thats look Great but definitely it will Cost too much… Lets Hope For The Best.
Good Luck Nokia And Thanks themeReflex And What Will Be The Estimated Price Of Lumia 920.


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