Nokia “Change” is finally here

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Things are about to “Change” they said and the change indeed is very very welcome. Extending the warm welcome from our platform we feel proud to introduce the very new Noia Lumia 920. Embedded with Windows Phone 8 technology the brandnew Nokia Lumia 920 has a bundle of other new stuff for its users.

Gear up for the most fascinating imaging experience of your smartphone experience. The built in camera experience just got even better. Much smarter than any of the camera phones ever experienced the Nokia Lumia 920 comes with PureView technology that offer highest quality imaging and video making experience. “With PureView we apply cutting edge innovation” said Joe Harlow at the NYC premises that was housing the Nokia Lumia event today (September 5th 2012).

The times have now come when there is no need to buy a separate phone and a camera. Your Lumia 920 does both the tasks for you enabling you to capture the most natural events just as they occur. You can go for PureView with closed eyes without giving it a second though for the following reasons:

  • Shutter of PureView stays open longer resulting in non-blurred images whether in less light or indoor.
  • It replaces HD camcorder
  • Its Floating Lens technology has stabilized lens for stable high resolution video.
  • The resultants are newer standards for quality of image and video a smartphone can capture.

The Pureview technology captures the finest of images and the Windows Phone 8 technology stacks them up to you efficiently for use with every application you want to use in your phone varying from your social networking experience to your other personal usages.

Unlike any other smartphone experience the tiled experience of Windows Phone 8 and the new Nokia Lumia 920 gives the users the most innovative smartphone experience ever possible.

Twaha Ahmed Minai is associated with computer science and software development industry since early 90s. His area of specialization is development and algorithms. On his credit he has several computer based tutorials designed for different walks of life including defence sector. He has been teaching software development and algorithm analysis at undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 12 years. He has been actively involved in computer science based research which includes Bio-informatics, Physiognomy and forecasting. He is an inquisitive follower of the ongoing developments in computing era.

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