Microsoft’s Office 2016 Public Preview is now available for download

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‘Microsoft’ has recently announced that ‘Office 2016’ preview is now available for public to download. Back in march ‘Microsoft’ gave us a glimpse of ‘Microsoft Office 2016’ and what can users expect from it. ‘Microsoft’ is welcoming constructive criticism – or praise – that will help shape the product when it launches later this year.

‘Microsoft Office 2016’ comes with a range of new features and changes that builds upon ‘Office 2013’. One of the highlights of the upcoming release, which can now be tested in this public preview, is the addition of collaborative editing. That said, many of these new features relies on a deeper integration with Microsoft’s own ‘OneDrive’ cloud storage, whose presence is palpable in almost every corner. There is far more integration with the ‘Cloud’, allowing a user to access documents from any device, anywhere and Outlook now syncs with ‘OneDrive’ when sending large files. Smart applications are also available that extend the functionality of ‘Office’, including ‘Tell Me’, a new search tool, and ‘Clutter’, which unclutters your inbox based on machine learning.

‘Microsoft Office 2016’ is the first version which is made available for the public to try. The release is sort of a reassurance from ‘Microsoft’ that it isn’t neglecting its desktop users, despite Office’s forays into other platforms, particularly ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’. ‘Microsoft’ also promises to add new features to the preview every month as testers trek the road towards a fall release.

Download Microsoft Office 2016 Preview here


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