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Microsoft has introduced yet another funny tool for people to play with, after its infamous attempt to guess your age and always ending up in a disappointment, Microsoft is now trying to see if you have a twin or not, with a new website called Twins or Not. and its app was a success in terms of hits more than a million, it went completely viral. Now Microsoft is leveraging those same capabilities to see if two people are identical twins or not. Users can upload two images, and the program will detect and compare faces to see if they’re a match. So far, the program seems to be even more accurate than the age-detection experiment. You can try it on

Of course, Microsoft’s aim is not only to showcase how well its algorithms work but also to highlight how easy they are to implement in projects. The website’s developer, Mat Velloso, created the whole project in only four hours. If Microsoft is employing machine learning, its algorithms should get better the more they’re used, so hopefully we’ll see this tech become even more accurate and integrated into useful products.


And just to make sure i did a quick test of Miley Cyrus photos since it is the most appropriate choice for such a fancy tool.

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