Jony Ive becomes Apple’s first Chief Design Officer

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From the origin of iOS to the very core philosophies of ‘Apple Watch’, Jony Ive always had a heavy influence on everything. Today is a big day for Apple’s senior vice-president, it is recently reported that Jony Ive is now promoted to be Apple’s first ever Chief Design Officer.


He is known to be the man behind Apple’s hardware and software design. Ive tells that he’s “still in charge” of the company’s industrial design and user interface divisions, but the individual sections will be run by hardware designer Richard Howarth and UI designer Alan Dye, both longtime ‘Apple’ employees. This change, he says, “frees me up from some of the administrative and management work.” Since twenty years Ive helped shaping the company’s most distinctive products, including the iMac, iPod, and iPhone. In 2012, he was given responsibility over software as well as hardware design, and he headed work on iOS 7, a flat, brightly-colored take on iOS that appeared in 2013. The big difference is that these newly minted executives have considerably more sway, and Ive might not be as directly involved with their work as he used to be.

Apple, meanwhile, will be revealing its latest slate of projects at WWDC, which starts on June 8th in San Francisco.


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