HTC’s Vive virtual reality headsets are out for free but only if you are a developer

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A month ago HTC unveiled their new virtual reality headset ‘Vive’ which is made in partnership with Valve Corporation a company which is best known for the success of PC gaming and ‘Steam’ which is an online/offline innovative gaming platform including hit franchises such as ‘Half Life 2’ and ‘Dota2’.

The HTC Vive itself looks very gigantic and have that certain science-fiction look as well, people who have experienced the world inside this mass evolutionary system have said that it felt like as if they were inside matrix or rather, in that same expanse of infinite white space. The excitement doesn’t stop there, it is reported that HTC and Valve are planning to simply give away ‘Vive’ VR headset to few lucky developers for free. If you are not a developer then you may not be able to get it at the moment no matter how much money you throw at Valve or HTC. However there are rumors that a commercial version will be launched later on this year. A sign-up form page is available for those developers who want to try a shot if they are lucky enough to get one throughout spring and summer, though the supplies may be ‘pretty limited’ so you should be writing your application to them very seriously if you want to be selected.

HTC and Valve stated “Our goal is to support as many VR content creators as possible and, to that end, we will be distributing dev kits continually, with new units going out every couple weeks. However, supplies may be limited.”

It’s a good chance to try out an evolutionary VR headset and test your developing skills or you can wait for the commercial version later on this year. A developer community forum has also established and will be for everyone’s use but only which own ‘Vive’ headsets will be able to make posts or to get into conversations, the local public can only see and will have the idea about how things are processing.

Video Source: HTC YouTube Channel

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