GoPro will release a quadcopter and a spherical camera for VR experience

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The high-end camcorders developer has decided to get bigger and better with its latest announcements of ‘Quadcopter’ and a ‘Spherical camera for VR experience’. GoPro is enhancing the evolution of technology even further.



Last year GoPro CEO Nick Woodman stated in a certain press conference that they have plans to make their very own drone quadcopter, now the big day has arrived. GoPro has announced to launch its quadcopter in first half of 2016. CEO Nick Woodman said, The quad is in some ways the ultimate GoPro accessory”. There’s no word on its official price yet but it is known that GoPro is a very consumer favorited company, so it seems logical the GoPro quadcopter will be in the same price range as drones from DJI, Parrot, and 3D Robotics. He further stated that letting people fly their cameras “sparks the imagination” of users. A product perfect for GoPro’s strategy. There will be more products related to quadcopter available by the time it launches.


Spherical Camera for VR

When Valve’s Oculus is leading the race of development in VR (virtual reality), other companies are also taking quite amount of interest in it as well. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman announced today that they will be releasing a spherical camera mount designed to create footage that can be used in VR experiences. Woodman said in a press conference, “When Facebook dropped the gauntlet and acquired Oculus, it sent a message that, ok there’s going to be heavy development and investment in virtual reality.” The camera captures footage that is meld together with Kolor, a VR software company acquired by GoPro in April. The resulting unified imagery will be viewable on VR headsets including the Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Microsoft HoloLens, according to the company. It will also be viewable on the web through services like YouTube 360. There’s no word on its pricing but Woodman said that it will be available later this year.


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