Google will now let you order food for delivery straight from search results

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In order to make a food delivery you first need to do is search for open restaurants in your town, but then you have to stop search and open a separate food delivery app, find the restaurant again there, and finally place your order. That’s a lot of work just to order a pizza or burger or anything (but clearly still not enough to make you pick up the phone). Google, however, has announced an easier, more integrated means of ordering your next meal.

Google has introduced a new feature in its search engine which recognizes when you’re looking for something to eat and will offer a “Place an order” option within the search results. Starting today, you can Google search your favorite restaurant and if it exists on Seamless, GrubHub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and, you’ll be able to order meals for delivery straight from the card results.


Yet another small step by ‘Google’ which will definitely save some clicks. Google says it is working to add support for more delivery providers, but based on the names above, it looks like this feature is US-only for the time being. For everyone else, please see your telephone to the left.

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