Google unveils its highly anticipating wireless service starting today

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The internet phenomena ‘Google’ has just reportedly to launch its highly anticipated wireless service by today April 22 Wednesday. A month ago ‘Google’ made an official announcement about this project at ‘Mobile World Congress in Barcelona’ and now the day has arrived. It is also reported that ‘Nexus6’ is the only handset on which this service will be functional for now. Service will be operational starting today as a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Google’s wireless offering will be working on both the ‘Sprint’ and ‘T-Mobile networks’. However it will be switching between whichever offering the best and strongest signal at any given time.

Last month, Sundar Pichai ‘Google’ senior vice-president stated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “I think we’re at the stage where we need to think of hardware, software, and connectivity together. We want to break down the barriers on how connectivity works.”

‘Google’ new wireless service could also rely on Wi-Fi networks for service, similar to ‘Republic Wireless’. Google plans to roll out its wireless service into a different manner by handling data consumption on its forthcoming mobile network. Unlike major mobile carriers, ‘Google’ will only charge its clients for the amount of data used per month. This is the key development which currently charges a set fee for a bucket of data regardless of whether or not it is used each month.

If it gets successful for ‘Google’ then it is possible that it may change the process of how wireless industry offers its services. It is also reported that at ‘Sprint’ Chairman Masayoshi Son is having doubts about carrying Google’s traffic, He agreed to the deal under the condition of volume limits that allow for renegotiation if Google’s service becomes too big.

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