Google Chrome for iOS – Review

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Apple and Google have been envying each other trying to win consumer popularity race by bringing up the latest technologies ever. Google has just come one step ahead to provide its devoted users with the facility to enjoy Chrome’s benefits on the most popular iPhone. Let’s take a look at how Chrome has been working on the iPhone by analyzing its edges and its glitches.


  • Smooth and hassle free tab switching with a mere swap or tap on the tab. One can even flip through the little tabs on the top of the screen to swap through and take a look at all the open tabs.
  • Brisk navigation and immediate page loading.
  • When you open a new tab it shows you tiles of your last visited pages

  • Absolutely amazing synching capability enabling you to retrieve your browsed data and history just from where you left it on any other device.
  • Predictive text displayed when attempting url/search term entry.
  • Ability of tabs to get lined vertically for better viewing.
  • The infamous address cum search bar gives chrome an edge over other browsers that need to incorporate a separate space for search engine.

  • Menu button on the browser enable you to choose between incognito private and regular browsing, lookup bookmarks, view devices synched with your iPhone and bookmark a particular URL.


It is not faster than Apple’s own Safari. This is owing to the fact that iOS does not let another browser other than Apple to reach its core so no matter how swift chrome may actually be on its own Android phones it can’t surpass the speed of Safari in iOS.

Chrome for iOS has a bag full of reputation to enable it to make through any hurdles that the renowned Apple Safari or the upcoming Mozilla browser for iPhone may bring up. Even though it is being said that the iOS would not grant its core access to no other browser than the apple Safari itself the Chrome app for iPhone is sure to become a troublesome challenge for it.

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