Google Chrome for Android – A Reveiw

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Venturing into the world of cell phones Google propagated the very trusted and versatile Android Operating System for Smartphones and tablets only a few years back. Within five years of its release Android reached the peak of its popularity by becoming the world’s foremost smartphone platform in the end of year 2010. Google gifted android with the most versatile and sleek performing mobile phone browser Chrome at the onset of the year 2012. Since then Chrome has been one of the major reasons why smartphone users opt for buying an Android phone giving it a clear edge over its competitors. How Chrome has evolved along with Android and what qualities it possesses in its current form is reviewed as under:


  • Amazingly fast page upload speed. The ‘Chrome for Android’ is much faster than the Opera, Mozilla or the native Android Browser.
  • Chrome for Android is embedded with the famous Synching capability that is Chrome’s signature giving it a clear edge over all other smartphone and tablet browsers. The synching capability stores past history of the user’s activities by synching together the computing devices being used by him. This enables user to continue with his work on any computing hardware platform including his smartphone just from where he left it in his last session. It’s like carrying all your work along with you on your all-time companion – Your Android Smartphone!
  • Acquaintance with the well-known Chrome user interface on desktop computers provides for increased usability of the browser on the Android Phone as well.
  • Signature address bar cum search bar (omnibox) writes for your thoughts by suggesting prospective completion options of the first few letters of text that you type in the bar. All you need to do is to select the most suitable of the suggested options by gently tapping it and your page is loaded even before you enter the exact term. Your selected webpage is thus displayed immediately after you enter the selected text without a delay of even a couple of seconds.
  • The auto-filling option enabled omnibox brings up suggestions from not only the web but also from the user’s previously browsed web pages’ history.
  • Voice Search facility available.
  • Similar to the browsing and navigation experiences introduced in ‘Chrome for iOS’, Chrome for Android can let you swap gently through tabs or line them up vertically for better viewing. Gentle and Quick! Chrome does it all for you by posing impressive tab implementation.
  • Attractive animation and visualization rich interface.


  • The fact that only Ice Cream Sandwich embedded Android 4.0 phones or higher versions like the ‘Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’ are enabled with the facility of being able to run ‘Chrome for Android’ may come as a disadvantage for the efficient browser.
  • Adobe Flash plugin support is absent in Chrome for Android. So if you were thinking of viewing a flash animation based website on your android phone you will have to give it a second thought!
  • Establishment of connections with social networks is done with a little delay.

In-spite of the few disadvantages that the trusted and quick Chrome for Android features, the presence of the browsers is being hailed immensely by the Android smartphone users thus resulting in an enormous download number for the app.

Download Google Chrome for Android

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