Google Chrome – Evolving with a bang!

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Here we are back again rounding up little more of our observations of the Google I/O 2012 – the much celebrated most recent event in the technology world. Our today’s observation is based on none other than the historic Google Chrome browser and its expansion.

“Journey to help you Live online in the cloud-seamlessly” were the words of Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President of Chrome and apps Google at the onset of the second day keynote session of Google I/O 2012 . He was being very true indeed. Google has bought the concept of cloud computing at the fingertips of man.

The seamless, quick and hassle free browsing experience provided by Google Chrome for the android, desktop, laptop and Chrome book users has earned them remarkable reputation. The three and a half years since its advent Chrome has been showcasing the expansion of the modern web, as in the words of Mr. Pichai. Currently, three hundred and million active users have embedded their confidence into the Chrome browser giving it just the boost it needed to move forward.

The most popular browser in the world globally has now gone even more versatile by introducing its app for the most used platforms, Android and iOS. The browser app is a Silky smooth experience of the familiar omnibox laden Chrome designed especially for the mobile platforms.

The perfect capability of chrome to sync across multiple devices such as your smartphone, the chrome book, your separate office and home computers and your Nexus 7 is not left behind in the iPhone browser app. It is right there with its entire aura. The perfect syncing capability enables retrieval of data right from where you left it during your last session and storing your settings on the cloud. Your tabs, views are all there combining with the inevitable feature of incognito.

Chrome for mobile still has a long way to go with new features being introduced in it and its amazing cloud based integration. This is sure to give all its competitive browsers a hard time to keep up to its reputation.

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Twaha Ahmed Minai is associated with computer science and software development industry since early 90s. His area of specialization is development and algorithms. On his credit he has several computer based tutorials designed for different walks of life including defence sector. He has been teaching software development and algorithm analysis at undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 12 years. He has been actively involved in computer science based research which includes Bio-informatics, Physiognomy and forecasting. He is an inquisitive follower of the ongoing developments in computing era.

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