Goodbye ‘Project Spartan’, ‘Microsoft Edge’ is here!

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Yesterday at ‘Microsoft Build Conference’, ‘Microsoft’ revealed the official replacement for ‘Project Spartan’ and the current successor for ‘Internet Explorer’ named as ‘Microsoft Edge’. Microsoft Edge will be a default browser in Windows10.

Microsoft Edge is made specifically for Windows 10. It will have features such as built in note taking and sharing and will also have ‘Microsoft’s Cortana’ digital assistant built in. ‘Microsoft Edge’ will have a new tab page, which will be located in the address bar in the middle of the page. It will also include top sites, including if there is an app, and user information. It looks very clean.

Web extensions made via HTML and JavaScript will also be supported in ‘Microsoft Edge’, and any extensions made for Chrome can work with Edge with just a few code adjustments.

Microsoft’s Joe Belifore said: “You’re going to care about the blasting fast technology that’s inside it”

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