From Nokia to Opera – information for a successful migration

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As you know, on November 18th 2014, Microsoft announced plans to replace Nokia Store with Opera Mobile Store as the default app store for Nokia feature phones, Symbian and Nokia X smartphones.

This transition will help Microsoft (Nokia) developer community maintain a vital connection to millions of people who use classic Nokia phones, through a trusted source for apps, games and content.

Today we recived a email from Microsoft, a complete timeline of data migration from Nokia Store to Opera Mobile Store. Hopefully is will help you to migrate from Nokia to Opera Store

A three-step migration to the Opera Mobile Store

From mid-January 2015, you will be able to start migrating your content from the Nokia Publish site to the Opera Mobile Store.

To do that, you need to follow three simple steps:

  • First, register with Opera. This is something many developers have already done. If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so here 
  • Next, when you receive the invitation email from Microsoft in January, you’ll need to visit the Nokia Publish site. Here you’ll be asked to give consent to have your content migrated across to Opera.
  • Finally, you will then be asked to confirm which content you would like to migrate.

Opera will then carry out the migration within 72 hours and notify you when the chosen content appears in the Opera Mobile Store.

Importantly, you will only have the opportunity to migrate content once. After you have been through this process, any further apps you wish to transfer from Nokia Publish to the Opera Mobile Store will need to be submitted to Opera directly who will then upload them.

These steps will need to be completed by March 15th 2015.

For those who would like to register at the Opera Mobile Store and start publishing there now, you can do so here.

App signing

Opera will continue to provide signing for your Series 40 and Java applications. More information will be shared in January.

Please note that Symbian and Series 60 apps will not be re-signed by Opera, as noted in previously communicated plans for the Symbian platform.

The coming months – important dates to know

The next few months include a number of key dates to remember:

January to March 2015 – Throughout this period, Nokia Store customers will be notified of the transition from the Nokia Store to Opera Mobile Store and migrated to Opera Mobile Store. Beginning in January, a message will appear in the Nokia Store client. From February and concluding in March, consumers will then be transitioned over to the Opera Mobile Store.

February 18th 2015 – Beginning February 18th 2015, developers will no longer be able to publish apps to the Nokia Publish site. Additionally, developers will no longer be able to register at or Nokia Publish.

March 15th 2015 – All content must be chosen for migration by developers before this date.

March 31st 2015 – will retire completely in March. We continue to work on a plan to migrate content from to relevant locations, and will provide more detailed information in due course.

Consumers will be able to purchase content from the Nokia Store until they are migrated to Opera Mobile Store or until March 31st 2015, whichever is first. Consumers can make in-app-billing purchase transactions until March 31st 2015.

April 2015 – Revenue and download reports for transactions in March will continue to be available on the Nokia Publish site until April 23rd 2015. Final payments will be made to publishers for consumer purchases made through March in late April/early May. Please ensure that your bank details registered on the Nokia Publish site are up to date.

April 23rd 2015 onwards – Beginning April 23rd, the Nokia Publish site will be retired. Revenue and download reports will be available on the site until then, after that they will only be available upon request. We recommend accessing your reports before April 23rd 2015, but will communicate the process for making subsequent requests nearer the time.

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