Facebook Messenger only shares your location when you tell it to

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Facebook is making some changes in its location sharing system for its Messenger. It is more like killing a stalkers or a lurker’s dream. Before in location sharing if you have your option enabled then the person you’re talking to can just hit on any message to see where you were when it was sent. But now it’s a bit different, Facebook is making it easier to share other locations with your friends, family, and colleagues; a new feature coming to Messenger will let you share a location directly inside the conversation. And this doesn’t have to be your current position. You can share a meeting spot at a music festival or the restaurant where you’re meeting a friend for dinner. Facebook says this is replacing the old location feature.


“With this update, you have full control over when and how you share your location information. You only send a location when you tap on the location pin and then choose to send it as a separate message. You can also share a location—like a meeting spot—even if you’re not there.”

Facebook promises “Messenger does not get location information from your device in the background — only each time you select a location and tap Send when you use the Messenger app,” 

And of course if you still not convinced, you’ve always got the option of disabling location entirely. This is just one of those “there when you need it” features.

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