Facebook launches its latest smart dialer app, ‘Hello’

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‘Facebook’ has unveiled their latest app today known as ‘Hello’ which basically serves as a replacement to your default dialer app for your Android phone. Due to recent failure of their previous ‘Home launcher’ this is a kind of new attempt at a ‘Facebook Phone’ for Android which is genuinely a lot better, a lot useful and has considerable amount of latest features.

The default caller ID basically doesn’t give users much of information certainly not everything such as at times users are unaware of who is calling you and why, is it a friend, someone from your family, or someone unknown to you. With ‘Facebook’ latest app ‘Hello’ things are much smoother and resourceful.

Here are some of the following features which ‘Hello’ offers:

It provides a bit of context on who is calling even if you are not in possession of their phone number saved in your phone, all based on your links via Facebook.”

“It is very easy to block the unwanted calls”

“It also allows us to automatically block the following number which has been blocked by a lot of other people”

“You can easily search your phone contacts and people and places on Facebook, and it will not even require you to switch apps”

“Users will always be having the current information regarding their contacts, including their profile pictures and even birthdays”

“Easily accessible ‘Facebook’ profile or any page with just one tap”

“Call and text for free with messenger”

“Users will also be allowed to edit their contacts, as they are able to do on their phone”


Hello can be very innovative and useful for users as it connects you with info necessary for a dialer to work properly. Like if users search for a coffee shop, café, restaurant or any other place in ‘Hello’, you’d get quick-hit info from their ‘Facebook’ page and how many likes they had in addition to their phone number. Users can also search for people without any hassle. If you’re connected with someone, incoming calls get contextual info you might need. Like If suppose you get a call from your mom, and it’s her birthday, ‘Hello’ will tell you so you can pretend you didn’t forget. It is also reported that the automatically blocked calls will be sent to voicemail rather than properly blocked. However it is completely up to the user to draw his phone further into facebook’s orbit or not. But it is always good to have some extra features.

Hello is currently not working with all the android devices, but it is rolling up slowly. It is also reported that ‘Hello’ is only operational in Brazil, Nigeria and US right now, but it won’t be long to see the app spreads elsewhere rapidly.

Hello is available now as a free download from Google Play.


Download Facebook Hello APK

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