‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’ reveal trailer and a lot of new features

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‘Call of Duty’ is one of the most popular and highly addictive video game franchise. A video game developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. ‘Call of Duty’ copies has topped over 10 billion US$ according to Activision.  On April 9, 2015, Activision released a teaser for its upcoming game ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3’, later confirming it to be a new entry in the Black Ops story arc and that the game will be released on November 6th on ‘PC’, ‘Xbox One’ and ‘PS4’.


‘Call of Duty’ has recently announced by releasing a new trailer yesterday that it will be bringing campaign co-op back to ‘Call of Duty 3’ and not just that, it will have better AI, a lot faster and addictive, character development will be innovative and much more, which is a huge progress comparing to ‘Black Ops’ and ‘Black Ops 2’ because in both games weapons were weak, underpowered and useless and top it off they nerfed some of them even further. People would have soak up bullets like there was no tomorrow, guns were incredibly weak, and that made gameplay frustrating, slow, and boring. It felt like using airsoft toy guns that shot marshmallows. Game design director David Vonderhaar says: “Anything that slows down the pace of action has been deleted”. So now hopefully it will not take half a magazine to kill, should be lightning-fast.

The entire campaign will be playable co-operatively by up to four players online (or two players locally). The addition of up to three campaign players meant building bigger combat arenas, better AI and adding social features for showing off medals and achievements. Studio Head Mark Lamia says: “This Call of Duty campaign is all about choice. Your investment in your character is going to mean something more than it ever has before in any Call of Duty game”. The campaign will continue its story after Black Ops 2, in a near-future war where soldiers have begun to augment their bodies to become more lethal killing machines.


Mark Lamia further states: “We knew we were going to do fully unique male, fully unique female for all scenes and all the customization that goes for both. Thank God for Blu-ray, right?”

For the first time in the franchise’s history, the campaign’s protagonist is fully customizable. In addition to upgrading abilities, changing your character’s appearance and tweaking weapons, players can pick the gender of their ‘Call of Duty’ hero.


The game will be returning with Zombie Mode which will include a dedicated progression system and will be more accessible to players that found previous iterations a bit difficult. The major highlight is removal of “sprint limitations”. Back then unlimited sprint had been a special elite upgrade, it is now the norm for all. Jumping over objects has been overhauled as well; as a player moves toward cover they will now automatically mantle over it regardless of the angle (whether the cover is in front, behind or to the side) without relinquishing weapon control. You can aim down sights as you move over objects now. “Thrust-assisted jump” is the second major change in Call of Duty multiplayer overhaul. A slow-burning meter tracks black ops 3’s thruster, which allows players to gain altitude and boost in any direction. Power sliding is another new addition. The slide’s boost of speed makes movement far faster than before, while never taking weapon or equipment control away from the player. You could, for example, slide around the corner staring down the sights of a sniper rifle for a devious trick shot. However movement underwater will be slightly slower. Treyarch is also introducing Specialists. Black Ops 3 Specialists are pre-set characters in multiplayer with a unique name and backstory. Only nine will be available in game, Treyarch revealed four. Each character offers a unique play style and has a devastating special weapon, such as the outrider’s compound bow, and an ability, like ruin’s speed boost. However, players can only bring either the weapon or special ability into combat. There are still many features in game which Treyarch will be unveiling slowly in time before the release.

Treyarch is eager to prove that ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 3’ will be the deepest and richest in all of ‘Call of Duty’ games ever. It is also reported that a beta will be available to pre-order customers on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

“This being our third Black Ops game, we like to look at this as ‘the best of everything’ we’ve had, going back even a decade,”

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