‘Apple Watch’ to officially launch tomorrow but in a different fashion

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Tomorrow is a very big day for ‘Apple’ as they announced to launch ‘Apple Watch’ which will not be like any other apple product launch. The customers are eagerly waiting for this mass evolutionary product. It is also reported that most of the developers who helped making apps for it will be using the ‘Apple Watch’ for the first time.

Adam Grossman founder of ‘Dark Sky’ stated: “It’s an entirely new platform, and no one has access to one, and yet we’re expected to make apps for it”.

Jamie Hull, Evernote’s VP of mobile products says “We ultimately need to be helping you accomplish something, otherwise the app’s not particularly valuable.”

Though tasks does seem challenging but that’s what excites a developer for having a chance to play with a whole new amazing platform. A developer also stated that they had to design an app for a device that they didn’t use or couldn’t have it which is totally exciting and crazy. Apple can hand guidelines to developers, but even it doesn’t know for certain how people are going to want to use the watch. There are many uses for apps which are really helpful and creative when you speak to most developers. ‘Apple Watch’ will certainly help you do something faster than a phone app could or a watch app can get you to use its corresponding ‘iPhone’ app even more.

It is reported that instead of the ‘Apple Watch’ being out and ready to purchase by the average consumer, tomorrow is the only day when some ‘Apple Watch’ orders will be fulfilled. So for those users which have pre-ordered ‘Apple Watch’ will probably get their watch this week if they are amongst the first people who ordered. ‘Apple Watch’ is launching tomorrow on Friday and ‘Apple Store’ may not be the only place you want to go to buy an ‘Apple Watch’ as it is reported that some customers will not get their ‘Apple Watch’ pre-orders until late June. So if you are expecting to go to ‘Apple Store’ and luckily to walk out with an ‘Apple Watch’ tomorrow? Absolutely not. There’s no in-store availability of the product at hand

Although some limited number of fashion boutiques across the globe will be carrying ‘Apple’ watches and are ready to go full steam ahead. Presuming Apple doesn’t step in, of course. These include Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London, Maxfield in Los Angeles, Colette in Paris, the Corner in Berlin, and 10 Corso Como in Milan. Curiously, only Maxfield is located inside the US. Availability in these fashion stores, however, does not exactly answer the question of availability of supplies.

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