‘Apple Watch’ hack puts a web browser on your wrist

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Intriguing things are happening lately with ‘Apple Watch’. Comex an enthusiast developer and former ‘Apple’ employee has found a loophole sort of hack to run a web browser in Apple’s watch OS. According to 9to5 Mac reports, in this particular video, Comex shows using Google’s homepage on ‘Apple Watch’.

Looks a bit odd though, since Google’s search bar is only shown in fragments as Comex’s thumb fiddles with the display, and when the Copy/Define menu from an iOS interface pops up, it covers nearly the entire watch face. For now, Comex hasn’t released any details of the hack. Apologies if you were expecting something a bit crazier, but possible jailbreaks apparently aren’t all that exciting in the embryonic stages. Even if you get a web browser on your wrist the real question pops up that would your rather use it or not, your guess is as good as mine..

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