‘Apple Watch’ apps Roundup

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‘Apple Watch’ is officially out today and despite what ‘Apple’ stated yesterday about its limited supplies and unavailability most of the users were able to get ‘Apple Watch’ and are now probably getting fascinated with its amazing features. It is known that ‘Apple’ has good smartphone ecosystem, best tablet ecosystem and now it also have the best smartwatch ecosystem when it comes to apps. However some of the apps on ‘Apple Watch’ aren’t easily understandable until you start to use one. On the iPhone and iPad, apps are mostly everything that users play with, on the ‘Apple Watch’ apps really aren’t something you want to get familiar with. In fact, you may often find yourself wondering why you even bother to use some of these apps at all. That’s because apps on the Apple Watch are inherently, just extensions of the iPhone apps that they connect to. For now, they’re basically fancy-looking widgets, and it becomes quickly apparent that not every app needs a widget. Instagram on an ‘Apple Watch’ is reminiscent of clicking through your old flip phone’s photo gallery. It is also reported that most of the apps still need work because of some of them are really buggy at the moment.

Some of the ‘Apple Watch’ apps are really useful and it enhances a smartwatch’s primary purpose as it will allow users to get information a bit quicker and in a more convenient manner than pulling out your phone or tablet. It is reported that there are over 3000 plus apps by third-party to be available on launch. But first lets focus on some essentials.


Probably one of the most exquisite app available on ‘Apple Watch’ so far. This app mixes your Calendar, Priority tasks, and reminders to create a simple glance-friendly app.

Dark Sky

This app is a lot better to use on ‘Apple Watch’ than on a phone since it’s a lot faster for watch. A core app designed specifically for ‘Apple Watch’. ‘Dark Sky’ is a weather based app when inclement weather is approach, ‘Dark Sky’ will present you with a rich notification that shows you exactly how much rain or snowfall to expect. And that’s all you really want from it and if you want more details on weather, you can open up the app to get a five-day forecast. It looks nice and is easily digestible on the Watch, but it can all be very slow to load.



To use ‘Twitter’ on a smartwatch is exceptionally a better experience. The design is very beautiful especially for a first-time iteration on a new platform. Though its small, and far smaller.



In default ‘Apple’ maps app it doesn’t offer public transport directions.  It’s a pretty inexcusable exclusion. This app will give you a button to get directions to your home or office and another button to pull up locations that you’ve recently routed to on your phone. The rest of the screen scrolls through the nearest public transit stops, only displaying the transit options (subway, bus, train, etc.) that you’re interested in. When you do get directions from ‘Transit’, the entire journey is displayed on one screen in a simple, condensed manner. If you want to know more, like the location of a subway stop, you just tap on that specific step to pull up a map. Putting the entire list of steps on one scrolling screen is really key to making ‘Transit’ the strongest option here.



‘Runtastic’ is a very useful and reliable fitness app. ‘Runtastic’ does two things right that a lot of fitness apps do wrong: it can track multiple types of workouts, and it displays all of the information you want to see on a single page. With ‘Runtastic’, your distance traveled, time elapsed, and pace are all displayed at once. If you’re okay with a little swiping, you can access music controls one screen over.



This app makes ‘Apple Watch’ probably the nerdiest smartwatch in the globe. To have a calculator on a smartwatch can be really resourceful for users when needed. It’s responsive, and it makes it easy to plug in operators.

Day One

There’s no better way to spend your day and to use an app which collects every bit of media around you. With ‘Day One’, you’re working with dictation and quick-capture of location data as well as localized check-ins and attachments. You’ll have tracking of time and date as well as the ability to attach the last photo you took with your iPhone or iPad. Inside the ‘Apple Watch’ app is also the ability to cycle through recent entries, start, and delete.


There are other plenty of useful and innovative apps available on ‘Apple Watch’ such as:


Chipotle, Yelp, OpenTable ,Green Kitchen


Nike+ Running, Runtastic, RunKeeper, Misfit, Lifesum, Strava

Games and Miscellaneous

Rules!, Pantagu, Runeblade, Mattel Magic 8 Ball, justWink, Sky Guide, Honeywell Lyric


Pandora, iHeartRadio, Shazam, Djay 2, Musixmatch

News and Sports

The New York Times, CNN, NPR One,The Huffington Post, ESPN, NBA Game Time


Evernote, Adobe Creative Cloud, Mint, Gero Time Management Companion, Merriam-Webster, 1Password, Gneo


Amazon, eBay, Target, Fandango, StubHub

Social and Messaging

Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Yo, Pip

Travel and Transportation

Uber, BMW i Remote, Citymapper, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, SPG: Starwood Hotels

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