Apple TV’s new remote control will feature a touch pad

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Technology titan ‘Apple’ is taking small steps for people to interact with them in new and innovative ways. Apple has recently announced that the upcoming Apple TV redesign will have a brand new remote control to better help users navigate thanks to a touch-sensitive pad area and will be much thicker in size comparable to the current version. Apple has been preaching the simplicity of its remote for years but now it’s adding a bit of complexity.


Apple’s new remote control will have two buttons presumably the same ones for “menu” and “play/pause”, but that the new touch-sensitive area can be used for scrolling around the interface. On the last three generations of Apple TV boxes, that’s been accomplished with a four-way control pad. The change could mean easier navigating around Apple’s interface (which is expected to change), but also means that remote control is also a tad thicker, and closer to the one Amazon ships with its Fire TV.


Besides the new remote, the Apple TV is expected to include other new features, such as additional channels, an App Store and Siri integration. Apple is expected to make the big splash this coming WWDC 2015 in June, leaving little more than a month to wait in anxiety and excitement.

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