6 Years of ThemeReflex

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It was year 2010; Nokia recently released their new s40 devices version 6. I was sitting with my elder brother Zayed Baloch and we were discussing to launch a platform where people can modify the look of their phones. We started working on it and did brainstorming every day. Our intentions were just to help people in technology and interact with the world and it has been six years our intentions have not been changed.

It was May 2nd, 2010 when we decided to online ThemeReflex for users. I can still feel the happiness of that day because it was like dream comes true for me. I was like Yahooo; finally I got a platform where I can show my skills. At the beginning the founder Zayed Baloch started publishing themes for Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones and also he was teaching me how to design themes with best colors combination. Then after few months I was able to join ThemeReflex.

I never thought we will get such massive responses from users, not only appreciation but they also send us their precious feedback to improve our work. We started from Nokia 320×240 devices and then users started requesting to design themes for other Nokia devices too. By the passage of time we started designing themes for all Nokia series40 devices.

Our first priority was to entertain and educate people. We were first to introduce requested themes and many users appreciated this new concept; we started taking requests from users and worked on it. Years passed and we started designed themes and developing applications for Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10.

Today we are marking 6th anniversary of ThemeReflex and I can’t believe that 6 years has been passed really the timing is moving so fast. It was not possible without the help of Allah The Almighty and those people who helped us reaching at this point. At the beginning we were just 2 people and never thought some great people will join us.

I would like to thank Mr. Zayed Baloch for providing me such platform. He is not only the founder but my mentor too. Also I would like to thank Mr. Arafat Tehsin, UX Strategist and head of development team. How can I forget Mr. Govind Narayan, Mr. Sourav Patra, Mr. Syed Abid (Prince Abid), Mr. Rachit Sharma, Mr. Nitesh Chauhan, Mr. Asad Mirza, Mr. Ratikant Nayak and last but not least Mr. Zaid Tehsin.

The reason behind the success of ThemeReflex is the users from different countries. We got best users in the world who helped us reaching at this point. You people are the greatest assets of ThemeReflex. We look forward to serve more in coming years.

The journey is not over, from now we will not only design themes but also develop mobile and web applications. Our Android team is working on it and also some beautiful widgets are going to be online in upcoming days.


Today we have successfully launched APKNode, a platform for Android developers and users. Here you can post your Android applications and widgets, the most important is requesting Android home screen widgets. Just like themes, you can now request for customized Android widgets and the widgets will be available on APKNode for download.

Thank you everyone for your love and support. 🙂

Hasan Baloch is a student of Software Engineering. A creative designer and ground-breaking theme maker. If you want to know more about Hasan, follow him on Twitter

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